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Is Body Odor Inherited from Parents?

Body odor, commonly referred to as B.O. or bromhidrosis or osmidrosis, is a prevalent concern. Many wonder to what extent the intensity and risk of this condition can be attributed to genetics.


Role of Genetics

A crucial gene in discussing the relationship between B.O. (osmidrosis) and genetics is ABCC11. This gene is involved in producing a specific compound, N-acetyl-5-methyloornithine, secreted by apocrine sweat glands. When certain bacteria on the skin, particularly from the Corynebacterium genus, break down this compound, they produce 3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid, the primary cause of B.O.


ABCC11 Gene Variations and B.O.

Our bodies are governed by bundles of information called genes, acting as blueprints for specific traits and characteristics. Within these blueprints, small changes or variations, known as SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), exist. Regarding the ABCC11 gene, specific SNPs are associated with B.O., determining whether a person has dry or wet earwax, each type correlating with varying B.O. risks:

■Dry type (AA): Low risk of B.O.

■Wet type (GG): High risk of B.O.

■Intermediate type (GA): Moderate risk of B.O.

Numerous studies have validated the relationship between earwax type and B.O. risk.



Identifying Your Type

Think of it like blood types. While there are combinations like AA, AO, BB, BO, AB, and OO in ABO blood types, focus on AA, BB, and AB for this context.

If both parents are AA, following Mendel’s laws of inheritance, the child will undoubtedly be AA. Similarly, if both parents have the GG variant in the ABCC11 gene (wet type), their child will undoubtedly be GG. On the other hand, if both parents are AA (dry type), the child will not develop B.O.


Onset and Risk of B.O.

Individuals with the GA variant are at a higher risk of B.O. (osmidrosis) compared to AA, but lower than GG. However, this does not mean someone with GA has a B.O. intensity halfway between GG and AA. GA simply indicates a state of carrying two different variations, serving as a gauge for B.O. risk. Nonetheless, the incidence rate and intensity of B.O. are influenced by not just genetic factors but also environmental conditions, diet, lifestyle habits, hormonal fluctuations, and the balance of bacteria on the skin.


Geographical Variations in B.O.

Genetic studies have shown that the AA genotype is particularly common in East Asian regions, gradually decreasing from north to south and east to west. Specifically, the frequency of dry earwax (AA) is incredibly high among Chinese and Korean populations. This suggests that the AA genotype originated in Northeast Asia and later spread worldwide, implying that Chinese and Koreans are more likely to have a lower risk of B.O. (osmidrosis) . Although Chinese people are often said to be as sensitive to smells as Japanese, this could be related to the significantly lower prevalence of B.O. among the Chinese population.



If both parents have B.O. (osmidrosis) , there is a 100% chance their child will inherit the condition. However, the intensity of the odor is influenced by a myriad of factors, including genetics, environment, diet, lifestyle habits, hormonal fluctuations, and the balance of skin bacteria. If you are concerned about potentially having B.O., it is recommended to consult with a specialist, such as a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.


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院長ブログトップ > A new treatment for osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis of the armpit, its called “VIEWHOT”

A new treatment for osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis of the armpit, its called “VIEWHOT”

I’ll introduce the new treatment for osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis of the armpit.
It’s called “VIEWHOT”

↓This is the therapy process.


↓This is how the VIEWHOT works.


It takes about 15minutes for the preparation and the local anesthetic.
The net time of the VIEWHOT therapy is 30 minutes for both sides of armpits.
After the VIEWHOT therapy, the armpits are cooled for 10 minutes.
So the total VIEWHOT therapy finishes in about 1 hour.

Total 5 patients already have had the VIEWHOT therapy, and their impressions are very good so far.
Some of them say that they hardly sweat anymore in their armpits.

Assuming the pre-therapy score as 10 points representing the strength of the sweating, the post-therapy score is about 2 points, averaging the impressions of the 5 patients.

I’m pretty satisfied with starting this new treatment for osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis ,as the patients are quite satisfied with taking this VIEWHOT therapy

For more information about VIEWHOT click here.
VIEWHOT therapy(CHIBA Funabashi Office)
VIEWHOT therapy (TOKYO Aoyama Office)

Written by Kenta Motogami
Director of Aoyama Celes Clinic (Tokyo) And Funabashi Chouh Clinic (Chiba)

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